Suez Cruises – Cruise to Suez in Egypt with P&O Cruises

P&O Cruises now offer a selection of cruises that include the city of Suez in Egypt as a Port-of-Call.

Lying at the Red Sea end of the Suez Canal, the busy Egyptian port of Suez can also be your starting point for exciting trips to Cairo and the Pyramids at Giza.

If your ship goes through the Canal, be out on deck throughout the transit, as it is one of the world’s most fascinating maritime experiences, creating the bizarre impression that you are sailing right through the dry heart of the desert.

The present, 101-mile-long Canal took 15 years to build, was completed in 1869 and shaved a mere 7,000 miles off the journey from England to India. It is the second to cross the Isthmus of Suez – the first was constructed in the 5th century BC and was in use until the 8th century.

Even if your ship is just calling at Suez, it is well worth strolling along the Corniche to watch the huge ships lined up to transit the Canal on their way to the other side of the world.

A full list of the P&O cruises that feature Suez as a Port of Call can be found here:

Suez Cruises from P&O Cruises

P&O Suez Cruises also feature a fantastic selection of shore excursions. We’ve listed a few of the most popular excursions below. Please check the P&O Suez Excursions page for a complete list of current excursions.

Cairo and the Pyramids
This tour is a marvelous exploration of the ‘must-see’ highlights of Cairo.

Upon arrival in Cairo, an international buffet breakfast will be served at a leading hotel to prepare you for an interesting day in this vibrant city.

Take a guided tour of the Egyptian Antiquities Museum, holding the world’s most important collection of Egyptian antiquities dating from the earliest times to the 6th century BC. The treasures of the well-known Tutankhamen collection, including his solid gold mask, are the highlight of this popular Cairo museum.

Sit back and reflect on the morning as you enjoy a glass of wine or beer and a buffet lunch in the beautiful surroundings of one of Cairo’s leading hotels.

Step back thousands of years as you tour the most mysterious structures on earth; the Pyramids of Giza.

You’ll be driven to an elevated site that provides a magnificent panoramic view of the three largest pyramids and surrounding mastabas. The mightiest and most massive, the Great Pyramid of Cheops, is the only remaining Wonder of the Ancient World. It consists of 2,300,000 blocks of limestone weighing about 2½ tonnes each.

The lion’s body and head of a man rise as the Sphinx from the vast desert sands near the pyramids as an incredible monument to the days of the pharaohs.

A short stop will be made at a Papyrus Institute, where the art of paper making from reeds, discovered by the ancient Egyptians, will be demonstrated for you.

Pyramids and Nile Cruise
A popular option featuring the Pyramids, Sphinx and a leisurely cruise on the Nile for afternoon tea.

Upon arrival in Cairo, an international buffet breakfast will be served at a leading hotel to prepare you for an interesting day in this vibrant city.

The ancient Greeks considered the Great Pyramid to be one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’. Marvel at the sheer magnitude of the Great Pyramid – estimated to contain 2.5 million tonnes of stone.

Visit the Solar Boat Museum which houses the boat that the great Pharaoh would have used for his journey to the afterlife, the Museum was built over the boat to house this unique artefact. Enjoy free time to explore the pyramids on your own before travelling down the valley to visit the guardian of this mortuary complex, the inscrutable Sphinx with the body of a lion and face of a man.

Lunch will be served accompanied with a glass of wine, beer or soft drink at a leading Cairo hotel before a short stop at a Papyrus Institute, where the ancient art of paper making from reeds, will be demonstrated for you.

Downtown at the banks of the River Nile a luxurious cruise boat awaits to sail you on the same timeless waterway traversed by Pharaohs, Queens and Nobles thousands of years ago. Sit back, relax and enjoy a cruise as you glide past Cairo’s waterfront landmarks. Refreshments of tea with oriental cookies and cakes will be served during the cruise and for your entertainment, a folkloric presentation and belly dancing show will take place.

Pyramids, Sphinx and Sakkara
Wonders await on this tour, which includes the Necropolis of Sakkara, the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx.

From Suez, you’ll head for Africa’s largest city, the teeming metropolis of Cairo. At a deluxe hotel near the great Pyramids of Giza a delicious buffet breakfast will be served, before you continue to Egypt’s first capital, Memphis, with its ancient cemetery of Sakkara.

At Sakkara, the world’s first monumental stone building, the Step Pyramid of King Zoser, was built almost 5,000 years ago. After visiting the complex continue to one of the mastabas (funerary chambers) built nearby.

Returning to Cairo, a buffet lunch will be served at a leading 5-star hotel. The tour then continues to the Giza Plateau where the only remaining Wonder of the Ancient World, the Great Pyramids of Giza still stands. A unique view of the three Pyramids from the Western Plateau affords great opportunities for photographs. Experience the stunning Pyramid of Chephren up close and enjoy time to explore the site on your own. Continue down the valley to visit the guardian of this mortuary complex, the mysterious Sphinx, watching the passage of time.

A final stop at the Papyrus Institute will introduce you to the process of paper making from reeds, an art discovered by the Ancient Egyptians. You’ll have a short time to purchase local handicrafts and papyrus from a selected bazaar.

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Suez Shore Excursions from P&O Cruises

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